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We are able to offer a variety of REO’s, private foreclosures, NPN’s and NPL’s and tax liens. We receive new lists every week on some, every few days on others and once a month on some.  If you would like to be notified as soon as we receive a new list, please subscribe to this special mailing list by visiting our page titled "REO's, Foreclosures, NPN's and NPL's" and subscribe there. If you have also subscribed to our general newsletter this will not unsubscribe you from that mail-out, nor will subscribing to the general list subscribe you to this one.

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We are a unique company that networks with thousands of real estate investors and sellers!  We work with so many people that it is not unusual for us to be able to offer 40 to 100 investment opportunities at any given time.  We can connect you with sellers and buyers for single family residences (SFR), bulk single family residence offerings, multi-family apartments and duplexes, mixed use, commercial and development property.  We send out a brief newsletter once a week or so with a short description of what is being offered and you can request more information on any that fit your needs.  Enter your e-mail address below if you would like to receive the newsletter.